+Portrait Session in Freemason District, Norfolk, Virginia+


//A couple weeks ago I met up with my friend Leah to coffee-shop it up and take some portraits around the Freemason district. Since I've recently moved to Norfolk, there are so many new places to explore, restaurants to try, and photo spots I've yet to discover. I think I had heard there was a pagoda in Norfolk but forgot about it and was surprised to turn the corner and see it there in the midst of everything. And then walking a bit further again kind of surprised to walk past the USS-Wisconsin even though I've driven past it a couple times now, still getting a sense of where everything is. Also I can't help but think about Titanic every time I see a ship of any kind... I'll never let go Jack. 

Leah suggested "Cure" coffeeshop where we brunched and coffee-ed. (Next time I need to get the churro latte!) Then we walked around the Freemason district before getting back to the car right as the rain began and hurricane Matthew rolled into town... Here are some of my favorite images from our walk/photoshoot\\

PortraitsBethany Joy