+Virginia Beach Anniversary Photoshoot+


// It's obvious. Shelby + Adam = <3

I'm so jazzed to share their photos with you on the blog today :)  When I saw that Shelby was looking for a photographer to capture a styled shoot of her and her husband for their anniversary I had to get in touch right away. We talked about a few different ideas and decided to go for a woodsy/beachy photoshoot with props. She told me she was thinking of doing something involving their homemade teepee and I knew I was in for something fun! And I definitely was. At the same time Shelby and Adam were so laid-back and relaxed- capturing their connection was super easy. They must actually be models or something. 

Also I feel like I say this every time but I love how every photoshoot I've done at first landing has been so different. Same park, but so many different parts of it to explore and I always leave my sessions there telling myself to go back to that same spot again sometime. This time it was the beach side and a grove of awesome gnarly trees and we had the whole place to ourselves. 

Here are some favorites from their session!  //