+Babymoon in Greece! Part 2: Milos+


// After our time in Athens we took an early flight to our next destination: the Island of Milos. This was the part of the trip that I felt like it all caught up with me- lack of sleep and traveling whilst pregnant really kicked in and when we got to our hotel all I wanted to do was sleep! It was nice to be in a more laid-back place after the hustle+bustle of Athens and by the end of our time in Milos I had adjusted from the jet-lag and was feeling refreshed from getting to relax & spend some time in nature. 

Before planning this trip, I had never heard of Milos. I came across a description of it on a travel blog and I loved how it looked so different- some parts of it seemed like another planet/world. Also I read that Milos has 70 different beaches and once I saw photos of  Sarakiniko, I couldn't get it out of my mind. Many of the most beautiful "google image-able" places in Milos are only accessible by boat so we knew we wanted to try to do a boat tour. We took to trip advisor and sent an email to reserve a spot on the Oneiro boat tour. *I highly recommend this if you go to Milos! It was definitely one of our favorite things from our whole trip!* 

The day of our boat tour: Walking down to the marina, we noticed the dark clouds forming overhead but were hoping they would hold off and we'd still be able to go. We got to the boat and found out that the tour was cancelled for the day due to the weather conditions. Too bad we had already taken some pre-emptive dramamine... Which kicked in full force making me so sleepy. Also it started to downpour. We ducked into a little cafe and had a crepe. (One of the many crepes of this trip!) After a nap, we rented a car and drove to check out the catacombs, then drove around and found a lunch spot by the sea: Medousa in Mandrakia. (Braden ordered the sun-dried octopus drying in photos below.) Then we drove and explored and ended the day at Sarakiniko. Sarakiniko was so beautiful! I found myself wishing I had a couple or family to photograph there, it was such an interesting landscape and we were there at perfect time of day (golden hour). It actually made me feel anxious- like I was able to imagine photos I wanted to take there but wasn't able to, it was weird. I think this trip as a whole helped me want to work on being able to just enjoy being in a beautiful place and take time to not feel overwhelmed by the need to take photos! A hard balance though when it's something you love to do and don't have a ton of time there!

The next day was pretty chilly and luckily someone cancelled their spot on the boat tour and we got to go after all! A few highlights of the tour: Sykia caves, catacombs built into the cliffs, Kleftiko bay, all the little marine caves and rock formations, the clear and beautiful sea, hearing pirate stories and learning about everything from our guide and captain, Elias. Toward the end of the tour he put on music from Zorba the Greek and pulled me up to dance with him on the side of the boat haha :) I highly recommend his Milos Oneiro (which means dream) tour if you're ever in Milos! Other faves whilst in Milos: Gyros, Greek yogurt, and our favorite meal of the trip: catch-of-the-day grilled fish. And cappuccinos. And gelato. Oh and crepes.

The only thing I would have changed was definitely wishing it was warmer to have been able to swim (even though some people did anyway, I just wasn't feeling up for getting back into the boat being soaking wet and freezing...) but I was still so grateful to have been able to see these places! Braden went in though and did a little snorkeling and got some vid with his gopro :) 

There is so much more to Milos that we didn't see but I feel like we were able to make the most of our time there! Here are some highlights from our time in Milos! \\


+Next stop: Santorini!+

Bethany Joy