+Babymoon in Greece! Part One: Athens+


I can't believe it's already been over a month since we got back from our trip to Greece! A month and I haven't really shared any of our "real" photos yet. I've been better about posting iphone snaps at least but I'm excited to start sharing our other photos and stories from our trip. :) 

So this trip to Greece actually came about pretty quickly- we only decided to go a couple of months beforehand, did some research and kind of just went for it! We found out we were having a baby on January 27th (I feel like we found out as early as was possible!) and I'm not sure when we decided to go on a babymoon, but I think it was sometime around March or April that we were talking about all the places we want to go someday and were thinking about Europe. I knew I didn't want to take on anything with tooo much sightseeing or backpacking-type travel this round since I really didn't really know what to expect in terms of traveling while pregnant and didn't want to overdo it... Also I wanted to go somewhere that would be warm. (Although Greece ended up not really being that warm while we were there, but I think we were able to avoid some of the crowds of summer since we went right before the peak tourist season begins.) We ended up deciding "Why not Greece?" and went with that! And I'm glad we did. :)  

We spent our first day and a half in Athens, where we got some much needed rest. I could have easily just slept the entire time there since we missed a night's sleep with our flight times and arrived SO exhausted in the middle of a bright sunny day. BUT I knew this was our chance to see Athens and I rallied enough to be able to do everything we had hoped to during our time there. Also we stayed in the most charming Air BnB I've ever stayed at; It was an old high ceiling neoclassical built in 1924 and totally felt like being back in time. Also it was filled with old furniture and maritime paintings by the owner's father- I wish I had captured more of them! 

The first night we walked around the neighborhood a bit and found some dinner (we ordered the same thing and both kind of regretted what we got haha) and then ended the night by splitting a nutella crepe- something we ended up eating a lot of throughout our trip :) The next day we went back to the crepe place for coffee and brunch and then headed to the acropolis. I had read that it's best to go there later in the day to avoid the midday sun, but it looked like we might get rain later in the day so we made that our first stop. So glad we got to see it all although I have to agree, that place is bright! There's a reason everyone is walking around in one of those "I'm on vacation"-looking straw hats. Anywayyy enough with the intro, we actually didn't take a ton of pictures in Athens but here are a few!  

*Some of the photos were taken by my husband Braden as well.* It was fun to trade off using the camera throughout the day and get to see what he captured too. Like a group of people on a segway tour. :) 


Next post: Milos adventures!