+Norfolk Family Documentary Session+


Kids + chickens. Is there anything cuter? Well really kids and animals in general but in this case it’s chickens :)

I absolutely love the idea of raising chickens in your backyard- something I hope to maybe do someday myself. And I love the thought of my daughter growing up taking care of animals and gathering eggs from the coop and us making them for breakfast… I’m sure like anything it can be difficult at times but it also sounds so nice! In the meantime I’m grateful I had the opportunity last summer to document this morning with the Anderson family and their little backyard chickens. We also walked over to a little park nearby to throw rocks into the water and sit in the shade (It was a super hot summer-in-Virginia-day!) Since these photos were taken this family has added another little one (baby) to their family! Congratulations!

& here are some of my favorites from our morning together:

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